Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 17

So far I have 17  ideas! Don't know if they're good or not, well some I know are and some I know are definitely NOT. Today's idea came from another illustrator's image. Just one look at it and out came a hidden idea that I've thought about awhile ago but didn't act on simply because I thought that it wouldn't be as kid appropriate as it should. Then I thought, does it matter? Well yes, but I should just write it and THEN decide how to make it a bit more for kids. I'm super excited for the ideacI just hope it comes out as fantastic as it soars in my mind.

Another thought from this month was maybe I should write a scifi or horror. Most of my earlier stories lingered around these genres and the only thing that's stopping me is FEAR. I'm afraid of failure but if I don't try then I'll definitely FAIL.

So next month I'm having my own writing month, well a month that I really focus on getting "The Nightlander" started. I begun a draft then stopped because it didn't seem middle grade like I had in mind. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't but does it really matter at this point? No, I should just write the darn thing!