Monday, January 26, 2015

A Commission~

 Back to drawing it again, this time it's painting it again. Here we have a lovely goth girl commissioned by a friend. No, it's not what I normally do but it was fun all the same.

In oil paint, goth girl looks at the viewer with a little blue lollipop, surrounded by a warped landscape of orange and bubbles. Well it was fun to paint, also a good distraction from 12x12.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some Bugs, just found it.

Is cute and the song is stuck in my head now... "Some Bugs" written by Angela Diterlizzi and Illustrated by Brendan Wenzel is another inspiration. The colors, the shapes and textures, and it's presentation, all makes me want to start making artwork. Good compositions and adorableness is all it takes now a days to get me doing something creative. Thanks guys~

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For The Nightlight Land

yes, I AM working on things...I promise! With the overwhelming amount of work and drawing and writing and researching I'm doing I still want to make my blog Draw it Again be about re-drawing everything till a final feels final.

Anyway, I've finished the PiBoIdMo successfully now onto the the 12x12! OF COURSE I have drawings for these. I can't write without drawing (and in some cases I can't draw without writing!) so here are a couple sketchbook layouts and pieces of story building.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Watermark My Work?

Someone on a 12X12 forum posted this in response to watermarks and I couldn't agree more! I never watermark my stuff because honestly if something thinks it's good enough to copy then woohoo! Also it's not like they can make more and could I REALLY stop them? Nah, most likely they won't make enough money from it anyway. Plus if you really want my artwork that bad, then go ahead make a copy because you'll never get the original~ ;)

Oh, I will put a copywrite sign on my cargo, but will that stop all those sad people who want to copy hard work from others? No it won't but can't hurt to put down at the bottom of the website page. Thanks Will Terry.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

12X12 Challenge

I just decided to do the 12X12 challenge.

Two years ago I'd never called myself a writer. Then I asked myself, "well why not?" My idiotically strange answer to that question was, "because I can't write."

Well I did get through college and in high school I graduated with over a 4.0 gpa... I think I can write. Oh my grammar and spelling may be way off but I KNOW I can at least make some kind of sentence that tells some type of information, wether it be important or not is completely based on opinion.

Not only am I an artist, I AM A WRITER TOO.

There I said it. I would have never had the guts to say that two, three, four and beyond years ago despite my sketchbooks soaking in inky scribbles of poetry and storytelling along with the sketches. I wouldn't have said it because I lacked confidence. Oh I still let myself know how stupid I am every now and then and I can't say that I'm a good writer, but now I don't make idiotically strange statements like "I can't write" anymore.

It's also time to have people criticize my prized writings that I think can make it in the world. Let's face it, if I can go through the torment of an illustration critique then I can go through a writing one.

I'll say it again...


not just an illustrator.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I found a new artist that I like!

His name Goro Fujita, a Dreamworks animator that I recently found by trying to find another illustrator that does some cool photoshop work by using collage digital images and creating portraits. What I really wanted to do was create another comparison to Fred Tomaselli's process with contemporary digital collages, making some statement that Tomaselli would be an awesome digital artist or was the start of some kind of hyper collage art era. I can't seem to find the artist I was looking for but instead I found Goro Fujita through twitter on Mayhem and Muse as well as blogger (it's called Chapter 56 if anyone reads this and wants to know or doesn't know already) and decided to post about him instead.

Gosh the reflection in this image is pretty awesome, has that stripped effect that bounces the eye up and down like most reflections of a lone lake in the woods. 

I'm also a sucker for cool light effects/artists who I think really knows how to use and manipulate light in their images. This guy has it! Though I will admit that I'm getting tired of the cartoon, anime style from many of the popular illustrators nowadays. Okay, he does work for Dreamworks so I shouldn't expect anything less and this style is nice on the eyes, fantastical, and friendly so I see why it's popular. I keep forgetting that I secretly love the old school traditional art and illustration styles more (what's with that word style anyway? I'm getting sick of it and here I use the term...) anyway yes, I think the old masters had more of a grip on how shapes, light, and movement interact with each other simply from years and years of studying what was around them in a strict, traditional manner. 

Would I want artists/illustrators to go backwards to this strict regimen of artist life of studying what was around them, incorporating their truth of the world instead of a fantasy that no one would be able to see if these artists didn't create them? No, definitely not. Besides, there's enough truth to these images to make the space reliably believable in their particular world. 

So yeah Goro Fujita isn't a Caravaggio or the candlelight painter, Tromphine Bigot, and he's not an Edvyind Earle either but hey I still enjoy his light.