Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Dummy update!!!

Working on Stella piece. I'M MOVING SLUG PACE ON THIS ONE.
At least I'm moving, even if it's slow. Perhaps I'm moving so sluggity slug slow because I'm trying to match the previous Lily piece and making sure that everything is consistent.

I still could get a move on it though...
Another positive thing about yesterday was I kinda figured out the last page spread of the dummy here.

Still needs a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT OF WORK (the perspective of those buildings are god awful) but it is better than what I had before!

Moral of, PROGRESS and maybe slow and steady wins the race?

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Nightlander has done a bit of an explosion. Here, I'll show you...

I've been creating many shadow monsters that I'm now calling hybrids. These particular ones just happen to represent My two main characters, Chel and Fran. Their original shadows look like these...

Eventually I'll add more of the manuscript on here, but in the mean time I'm working on the image below. 

This one might take awhile.
I've also been working on SB, I will make an update on it later today perhaps. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Nightlander Update

Here are some of the chat chat 
girls and their shadows.

I'll have the Laylaworm on here too.

Soon I'll add Layla to this bunch.

Anyway, just a character design update!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Update on Nightlander

I'm afraid to say I've been more interested in making Nightlander lately than I have Stitching Butterflies (well maybe, this could be me simply procrastinating on re making the book dummy to a professional is.)

So I figured I might as well give an update on it!

Been working on getting to know the characters and their shadows. I NEED TO WRITE MOAR. Yes, MOAR.

I started out with the different faces of Chel. No, I didn't add her animus to this list but I will later, or tonight if I need to procrastinate on Stella's final illustration a bit more. In Nightlander, I'm trying to include a lot of Jungian psychology within the life of a teen girl who is learning how to cope with her mother's death, dealing with her father's alcoholism, and figuring out the social scene at school. Oh yeah, and she can see the shadow or monster within each person. The definition of monster is loose in this particular comic, as a monster isn't always evil.

After freaking out as to WHY the mc Chelsea, or Chel I've been calling her, can dream travel and see things not apart of this realm, I got to work on characters. I don't know why she can yet! All I know is her mother could do it and that is why her mother died. I have big themes that I want to add to this story, it's just going to take patience and never ending determination.

Anyway, this is Fran, Chel's best friend.

This is Fran's shadow. :) 

Layla, Felicia, Bethany and Pamula. I just call em the Chat Chat Girls.

Anyway, hopefully I'll add more actual comic sketches on on here.
 Maybe I'll start drawing the final Stella tonight? 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just an update on digital color sketch

Digital color sketch! okay, so I figured a lot out but I still think there are some things that need fleshing out with the composition. I shall draw it again.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Finally Working on the Last SB Illustration

I'm finally doing it. This last illustration will hopefully be finished next week (HA RIGHT?!) and maybe I can move on to having the manuscript critiqued and the dummy fleshed out by the end of the month so I can work on Lue's and Sue's. Welp, here I go.

I'm about to do a digital color sketch. @_@ there will be pink, lots and lots of pink.

Friday, June 10, 2016

More Nightlander Update...and Now I have a Word Press

I have a wordpress now yaaay. My internet is acting funny so perhaps the menu is a bit off at this time but... I can fix it.

I decided to go with a wordpress for research purposes. I used to use blogger for this, but Draw it Again has become just that, me drawing and painting things over and over again, my long process of failure. So hopefully I can organize all research material on this blog (HOPEFULLY.)

In other news, Nightlander has been developing as I've procrastinated on SB (shame!) and now has more content and character development. Is this normal for a PB illustrator/writer to jump between projects, even if it means to jump from a PB to a YA comic novel thing? I'll have to research that and put the information in the blog.

Anyway, peace!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I was NOT finished! (Am I ever really?)

After showing the Facebook critique group and going over it with friends and family, then going back to a critique group, I came up with this:

final before 

final after

The very first reaction was that the colors were lovely, but very dim. I needed to brighten the whole composition (and ultimately I agree with this move, however I now need to go back to the first illustration to make sure everything is consistent) The second reaction what that most people could not see the "Stitch stitch stitch" which is what I was afraid of. I still need to clean up those "stitches" a bit before calling it a final. 

Lesson: If you think your illustration is finished, it's probably not finished.