Friday, October 31, 2014

A String of Notes

That long white strip hanging from my wall is actually a string of notecards connected together by an accordion book binding technique. Why is it on my wall? Because of PiBoIdMo of course!

The best ideas always come from random life moments that I scribble in my sketch book. Lately I've been searching for time to complete my portfolios. I've found some here and there but no long hours of constant working like I used to in my senior studio in college. Is this due to the fact that my room is also my studio/library? Is it because I have two jobs now and no days off?

Or maybe it's just because I have a hard time focusing on one thing because there are so many other ideas getting in the way. I have found a solution!

These helplessly hanging notecards are just waiting for me to scribble all over them with ideas that I can briefly forget for the time being. Have an idea? Just write or draw it out on the notecard then move on. If I want to elaborate then I'll just use more notecard space and at the end of the month I'll bind it in my book of ideas. 

Pretty nifty and helpful for someone who has a hard time sorting out all the ideas that flash in my hyper active brain at once!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mimi and Shelby

Another progression piece! (This is separate from PiBoIdMo but still need to work on things before the big event, right?) This piece is apart of the "Witnessing Memories" Portfolio here. I struggled with this one a bit because I added my cousin Shelby from other photos and memory. I had to make up her body movements from what I know of here and I had to remember her usual expression. took awhile but I finally finished it. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I've cleaned my work some extent, I have my materials organized somewhat, I'm quickly binding my idea book, and my inspiration haphazardly surrounds me. I think I'm almost ready for PiBoIdMo.

All I have to do is blog about it.

Hello all! For the next month I'll be writing on Draw it Again about my ideas for Picture Book Idea Month. It's my first year dedicated to writers month! And the blog's name matches the theme, yes I will be drawing these ideas over and over again in editing. I'll also try a hand at NaNoWriMo simply because I have a story idea that can't have a chance at getting published if I never write it...

For the next month I'll post sneak peeks and my struggles with ideas, hopefully some inspirational quotes and stories as well.