Friday, May 22, 2015

Yes, I sent out Stitching Butterflies

I've been very busy lately (got a full time job in a lab testing inks woo hoo!) but other than that I've become a reviewer for children's lit! My bio isn't on the website yet, but it will be soon so I'll post that. Positively thrilled by this as I throughly enjoy critiquing what others do that I love.

Also...I sent out Stitching Butterflies to David Fickling Books for their Inkpot contest and I'll post these on here because, oh yeah, this blog is called "Draw It Again" and I definitely should show my lovably agonizing process.

To keep anyone who reads from suffering as much as I did (or as much as my mate Sean did...) I'm only going to post half the process in crappy iPhone photos. Bad photos, but it gets the point across.

THAT is just half of Stella's.

THIS is Lily's.

I wish I had documented better, but that is a lesson for next time!