Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tumblr Sketchbook Comic

Update on tumblr sketchbook comic, NightLander.

Been working on this project for about two weeks now. Slow moving, but as I scribble down shapes  for the comic and write notes, scenarios seem to pop out of nowhere and I come across some interesting compositions I could potentially use later.

I was also apart of The Rose Petal Review, a website that features the creative works of teens and young adults going through different types of mental illness.

My goal for this project is to focus on the peak moments of someone going through an anxiety attack or depression. It's a tough goal to accomplish especially when showing those who do not have any kind of chemical imbalance, who may not completely understand all that is involved in a panic attack or days, weeks, months, years, of depression.

I'm not quite sure how this comic will turn out, or if it will become the YA novel that I wanted it to be, but I'll keep up the quick pace of jotting down ideas and of course, drawing them over and over again.