Thursday, January 1, 2015

I found a new artist that I like!

His name Goro Fujita, a Dreamworks animator that I recently found by trying to find another illustrator that does some cool photoshop work by using collage digital images and creating portraits. What I really wanted to do was create another comparison to Fred Tomaselli's process with contemporary digital collages, making some statement that Tomaselli would be an awesome digital artist or was the start of some kind of hyper collage art era. I can't seem to find the artist I was looking for but instead I found Goro Fujita through twitter on Mayhem and Muse as well as blogger (it's called Chapter 56 if anyone reads this and wants to know or doesn't know already) and decided to post about him instead.

Gosh the reflection in this image is pretty awesome, has that stripped effect that bounces the eye up and down like most reflections of a lone lake in the woods. 

I'm also a sucker for cool light effects/artists who I think really knows how to use and manipulate light in their images. This guy has it! Though I will admit that I'm getting tired of the cartoon, anime style from many of the popular illustrators nowadays. Okay, he does work for Dreamworks so I shouldn't expect anything less and this style is nice on the eyes, fantastical, and friendly so I see why it's popular. I keep forgetting that I secretly love the old school traditional art and illustration styles more (what's with that word style anyway? I'm getting sick of it and here I use the term...) anyway yes, I think the old masters had more of a grip on how shapes, light, and movement interact with each other simply from years and years of studying what was around them in a strict, traditional manner. 

Would I want artists/illustrators to go backwards to this strict regimen of artist life of studying what was around them, incorporating their truth of the world instead of a fantasy that no one would be able to see if these artists didn't create them? No, definitely not. Besides, there's enough truth to these images to make the space reliably believable in their particular world. 

So yeah Goro Fujita isn't a Caravaggio or the candlelight painter, Tromphine Bigot, and he's not an Edvyind Earle either but hey I still enjoy his light.