Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Revisions~

In a bit of a pickle here. The more I work, the more my hand seems comfortable with my materials. That being said, when I look back at my portfolio to do some revisions based off some critiques I end up needed to revise most of the pieces because now those revisions are outshining the ones I thought were decent to begin with. AHHHHH. 

Will I ever be finished editing my work for this portfolio? I make a promise to myself that after this last portfolio review I WILL move on to the next one and I will say bye-bye. You've taken me seven months to do, perhaps even a year if I count pre ideas. 

For now, this is one of the revisions. I originally had a black and white piece here but when I look at the overall flow of the portfolio this one just seemed tremendously out of place because while the boy is at first in little color, he meets the Being who introduces color. So why did I go back to b/w? I don't know. Hence the revision in color! 

Since then I've been looking at the other ones leading up to this point and now have to redo them. SIGH, the life of an illustrator.