Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Busy March! Now it's April's Turn

So I did draw those compositions again (maybe the blog should be "Paint it Again" or "Make the final Draft 50 times or More" or even "Edit Again and again...and again") And here are the results and comparison:





I readied my portfolio, labored over print quality, and made everything nice and neat for Mr. E.B. Lewis. After the work I put in I was finally getting the critique that I wanted. Maybe I could even present it to an agent and finally get an illustration job. YES! That is what this portfolio will do. It's so good it hurts.

Well it did hurt. It hurt in the "what was I thinking this is awful?" kind of way and after the critique I wanted to burn and be done with it.  

I didn't I promise!

I've had worse critiques before, and he did like a couple of them but ultimately he told me to throw away everything in the portfolio besides two or three pieces. These:

That and how my presentation of the portfolio was bad and how I was doing everything WRONG. I could also go into how the story doesn't work and how the boy doesn't look the same in every image and how he doesn't have any emotion like a child should...but I won't really. 

That was what I needed.

Thank you E.B. Lewis!