Friday, June 10, 2016

More Nightlander Update...and Now I have a Word Press

I have a wordpress now yaaay. My internet is acting funny so perhaps the menu is a bit off at this time but... I can fix it.

I decided to go with a wordpress for research purposes. I used to use blogger for this, but Draw it Again has become just that, me drawing and painting things over and over again, my long process of failure. So hopefully I can organize all research material on this blog (HOPEFULLY.)

In other news, Nightlander has been developing as I've procrastinated on SB (shame!) and now has more content and character development. Is this normal for a PB illustrator/writer to jump between projects, even if it means to jump from a PB to a YA comic novel thing? I'll have to research that and put the information in the blog.

Anyway, peace!