Thursday, June 16, 2016

Update on Nightlander

I'm afraid to say I've been more interested in making Nightlander lately than I have Stitching Butterflies (well maybe, this could be me simply procrastinating on re making the book dummy to a professional is.)

So I figured I might as well give an update on it!

Been working on getting to know the characters and their shadows. I NEED TO WRITE MOAR. Yes, MOAR.

I started out with the different faces of Chel. No, I didn't add her animus to this list but I will later, or tonight if I need to procrastinate on Stella's final illustration a bit more. In Nightlander, I'm trying to include a lot of Jungian psychology within the life of a teen girl who is learning how to cope with her mother's death, dealing with her father's alcoholism, and figuring out the social scene at school. Oh yeah, and she can see the shadow or monster within each person. The definition of monster is loose in this particular comic, as a monster isn't always evil.

After freaking out as to WHY the mc Chelsea, or Chel I've been calling her, can dream travel and see things not apart of this realm, I got to work on characters. I don't know why she can yet! All I know is her mother could do it and that is why her mother died. I have big themes that I want to add to this story, it's just going to take patience and never ending determination.

Anyway, this is Fran, Chel's best friend.

This is Fran's shadow. :) 

Layla, Felicia, Bethany and Pamula. I just call em the Chat Chat Girls.

Anyway, hopefully I'll add more actual comic sketches on on here.
 Maybe I'll start drawing the final Stella tonight?