Friday, December 12, 2014

Am I a Goya Gag Gory Burton Ito Mixture of Whatsits?

Okay so today I'm comparing myself to Edward Gory and
Tim Burton, sadly. I like these drawings, prefer Edward Gory because
he reminds me of a Wanda Gag Goya. I can't not compare myself to these two artists because my work has similarities. I use the weird wonky shapes like Tim Burton, and I use hatching and cross hatching when I draw in ink/pen. As for Edward Gory, his stuff is just dark and strange with a sad humor however he can render creatures realistically, just look at that snailfish! It reminds me Junji Ito's Uzumaki, which is also dark with pen cross hatching and hatching... and of course the spirals with horror written all over it.

I could just be influenced by theater lighting, (I was a light tech for four years of high school and some of college...) so I like dramatic light sources and horror images give a lot of that. My natural hand that layers and layers in tiny buildups also suits hatching and cross hatching. Subject matter? Well I know that Tim Burton was influenced by quirky bad horror movies somewhere around the 50's theme or so, that could affect his weirdness. Wanda Gag was influenced by the Grimm Fairytales as she was one of the first to translate the stories from german to english. Goya just wanted to let the cruelty of the Romantic era be known  (insane asylums, war, disease).

Me? I'm influenced by my dreams, my anxieties, my depression, and my overactive imagination of that's Goya all the way!



I might never create something considered under horror but the influence is there. 

See it?