Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Ramble on Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli is another one of my favorite artists and another one that I'll go on a quick ramble about, making a teensy connection to my own view on art and my work and heck, life in general.

It isn't the psychedelic, tedious, and obsessive detailing that I'm in love with, I do like these aspects but there are other reasons why this artist has become one of my favorites. It's the taking from other creations and making them his own, a completely different concept from the piece's original placement and role in it's former image.

Of course any kind of collage artist holds a bit of this concept like Picasso and Braque who led the Cubist movement, as well as certain Dadaists and Surrealists like Man Ray and Hannah Hoch. Tomaselli just puts collage to a whole other different level and beyond, transcendental pieces building into one. He focuses on bringing the viewer to another world by overload of information, not showing the viewer multiple views and angles of one object or taking the viewer only into the subconscious realm or taking a political point of view against the art world.

It's this idea of information overload that I've been pondering during my life search of sorting out where I get my creativity and where others get theirs. Do all artists get their creations from many bits and pieces of people around, other artists, other writers, the internet, the thousand images everyone sees in a day, all pieced together like a hyper-active puzzle that no one would ever want to finish but one that they had to because the desire is overwhelming. For now I would say yes, every creator is constantly trying to complete their hyper-active chaotic yet orderly puzzle of information.

As a side note I enjoy watching his physical process of cutting pieces of paper, pouring on the resin, and painting over it to a finish. It's just fun to see. o.o