Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lue in box

Finally got the drawing down (I don't know why it's gray on here but whateves, just a sketch anyway)  As you can see I had to go back in photoshop and clean some of the scan mess on there. You'll be able to see it better on my Cargo collective, Brittanny Handiboe. But hey, at least I managed to fix the composition!

Pages 10/11 have been one of the most difficult pages out of the whole dummy. That may be because it was among the first compositions like the swimming one. This sketch is how I chose the color for Lue, him being the tropical blue amongst the heat of orange. The color blue has always represented a creature who liked to think outside the box (or maybe just daydream, that too) so I thought I'd depict Lue being blue and growing outside of his box of a house. 
I tried to create a mixed media sketch, adding the acrylic and the colored pencil with the graphite. I had used this mix of material before and it was successful, but this being a big more ..."happy" it just didn't work out. 
Here is the one with just colored pencil and acrylic, color testing Lue's contrast to his surrounding but also trying to make the image flow so I decided to use some yellow as the  first layer of color...bad idea really. Not working.