Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lue's Place edited again, this time with 283 words...woopwoop!

Hello I’m Lue and this is how suddenly one day I just grew. My roof became a hat, my house became a box and when the neighbors started running I needed to find a place to fit.
That place definitely wasn’t the city. It’s a bit crowded, it’s a little gray. I tried the countryside, stomping prints in the patterned fields. Maybe a place with many trees could fit? No. I just scared the squawking birds away.
Searching took days, nights, and in my travels I found some pretty big places that would've worked, if those places weren’t really chilly or dry and sweaty. Didn’t work for me. Eventually I reached the sea and indeed I did fit there, though I was careful not to squash the crawling critters as I began to swim. The sea became my very own swimming pool with large squiggly fish along the way.
I may have startled some sailors who were also searching for new lands. In the end they were happy to have company of a fellow traveler across the big blue as they told me a tale of a giant island said to be further along.
The tale seemed true because the sand I landed on was different, it was right. The moon’s light showed me the giant island that was big enough to fit.
The Island’s plants towered over my head and it’s fruit filled me 
full. With the trees I built a new home, one where the roof never became a hat again. I even get visitors once in awhile, some I haven’t met, some I have. They call this place, “The Big Elephant’s Island”. I just call it Lue’s Place.