Sunday, May 4, 2014

sketch to "finish"

It's good to get an idea down first with simple shapes. This thumbnail was the start of a composition that I feel is complete and it happened by focusing on the need to have these "shapes" looking up in awe and gathering around something from out of view.

These shapes are animals looking up at the big elephant Lue (which is shown on the right). I just needed to change direction and bam! I got the composition down that I had envisioned.

After a few more chicken scratches that I won't even bother putting on here, I created the "final" black and white graphite composition.

Moving on to color,  I started out with a simple pale yellow wash of acrylic then mapped out the composition with colored pencil.

And finally, with a couple more layering of acrylic and colored pencil, I managed to get this result:

I think it was worth the numerous amount of paper and hours to complete. I just need to be more patient. :)